Stryda 600C Delivery - 2024 Model

Family-orientated brothers Sean & Jay decided it was time to upgrade to something bigger so they could take the entire family out on water. They picked the Stryda 600C as it has a lot of volume for a 6m boat, and in particular they liked the stability of the catamaran.  

The entire family was involved with every step of the build process and they have even specifically requested an extra footstep at the back of the transom to ensure it’s easy for everyone to get in and out of the craft. 

For the seating configuration, the craft is equipped with 2 x shark seats with folding back-to-back seats plus a transom-mounted fold-down seat.  An electric toilet is a must for the ladies and it comes with a Yamaha 300HP level 4 helm master which makes boating even easier. 

The main operation terrain is a mixture of soft sand with shell & packed sand, followed by a flat seal road to their house, which is ideal for amphibious crafts.

We are glad to hear that the entire family is having a great time with the craft and the feedback from Sean & Jay is that they found the Stryda 600C very easy to handle and everyone feels safe on the water.  It has been an absolute pleasure for the team to build this special craft for the family and we are looking forward to hearing more on the family trips.

Stryda 600C 2024 Model on water roof top

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