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Brendon, our customer from Ledge Point Western Australia was after an amphibious craft.  He jumped on the internet and started browsing through the various options on the market and came across a YouTube video of the 600S.  After watching the video, he decided that it is the craft for him.  He was particularly interested in the walkaround design of the 600S with the stable fishing platform of a catamaran.  As he regularly sets and pulls crayfish pots, he sought a boat that would not tip over too much while pulling pots with the increased load on one side of the craft.

While previously owning a few monohull crafts, Brendon was incredibly impressed with the stability of the catamaran.  With the 600S, he feels comfortable going out in sea conditions that he previously would not have gone out.  With the 600S being 4WD amphibious, the craft was able to drive through patches of very soft fine sand where a vehicle towing a trailer got stuck.

Despite the distance and time zone differences, the team was able to use emails & video calls to make sure Brendon got to see his boat coming along stage by stage.  From details of how extra components are to be installed, down to the decision of side skin colour with a very special Rover blue.  There was no skipping corners and Brendon was able to influence all decisions.

A big welcome to Brendon to the Stryda family.  We are very excited to have you as our first customer in Western Australia.  We look forward to hearing about the fishing trips with friends and family and can’t wait to see more photos of your catches!

If you would like to talk to us about the amphibious difference, just reach out through the contact form. 

Amphibious Catamaran 600S at Ledge Point Western Australia heading out to sea

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