Stryda 600C Delivery "Defora"

Geoff, our customer from the Far North was getting sick of having to launch his craft with a tractor, especially when things can get a little bit tricky at low tide.  Having previously owned a catamaran, Geoff had his mind set to get an amphibious catamaran as his next craft.  Appreciating the benefits of catamaran being more stable on water, shallower draft & wide beam, Geoff placed an order for a Stryda 600C without going out on a sea trial.

The typical terrain where Geoff operates his craft is packed sand with a few soft spots, along with 7min drive up the road with a steep hill to reach his property.  After inspecting the beach ourselves, we could totally understand why Geoff mentioned that it can get a bit tricky at low tide even with the tractor.   With Stryda 600C being 4WD with unrestricted drive time, the craft was able to drive through the beach, road and climb up the slope without any issues. 

It has been awesome working with Geoff on options selections and building a craft that meets all his requirements.  We absolutely loved the waves and smiles from the friendly neighbourhood as we approach the beach to launch the craft.  Just like the boat name “Defora”, where it holds some very special memories to Geoff, we wish there will be many more happy memories to come.

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