Stryda 600C Delivery "Duncan Sailor"

Rowan’s journey began with a phone call and a few exchanges of emails.  Then he flew over from Brisbane to visit us at the Auckland Boat Show 2023 for a sea trial.  After setting his mind on the Stryda 600C, Rowan asked if he could get a dual screen configuration for his craft.  Although it is not something that Stryda had offered before on the 600C but the team were able to make a small alteration to the dashboard at the fabrication stage and make this option possible.

Delivering the boat to Australia:
Being amphibious, the craft can be driven into a cargo ship and then driven off at the destination port.  This method of shipping allows the craft to be safely transported, undamaged by the open sea weather conditions.  Combining with efficient unloading, the craft can be delivered to Rowan as soon as it gets clearance from the Australian Customs at the destination port.

This is our first Stryda delivery since the ease of the COVID restrictions, we are delighted to be able to connect with the Australian boating community again and it has been absolute pleasure working with Rowan building his craft.  We can’t wait to hear more about Duncan Sailor’s adventures on land & water.

Stryda 600C Duncan Sailor Dash Close Up 2

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