Stryda 900C Delivery "Tonic Waters"

Tim had been looking around for an amphibious boat for fishing.  After watching the Boating NZ review video of the 900C and seeing how it handles the rough sea conditions, he knew it was the right craft for him.  

Tim sees the potential of the Stryda 900C being capable for deep water fishing and extended trips, therefore asked if there is any possibility to increase the 250L standard fuel capacity but without compromising any of the deck space.  After some mild modification to the current layout, the team was able to convert the under-floor locker to hold an additional 80L fuel tank which increase the craft total fuel capacity to 330L.  With an average fuel consumption of 34L/h and cruising at 19 knot, this will allow the craft to travel further from shore.

Furthermore Tim has asked for a craypot hauler, as he knows a few secret spots in his area for catching crayfish.  After exploring a few options, he settled for the Australian made, robust Lonestar Haulmaster 1500 – a fully modular system for hauling pots, drop lines, longlines, down-rigging, gurdie fishing and longlining.  Along with a set of Swingers Outrigger and Exploding Fish rotating rod holders, Tonic waters is a well equipped fishing machine.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tim to build his special craft “Tonic Waters”.  We can’t wait to see his big catches with friends and hear about their exciting fishing tales out on water.

Stryda 900C Tonic Waters Close Up

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